by Inceptions

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Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Garcia
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What are all these purposes in life suppose to mean,
when reality disconnects with everything you've ever believed in,
Why are we always falling for the same false beliefs?!

I believe all fucking hope is gone and lost in this generation,
All these killings, all these murders, are accepted only in this ignorant world.
In this world we're conquered, by this almighty creator,
Who seems to ignore your voice in the time that you need him the most,
Break, free from these fucking chains,
That are holding you back from seeing this cold reality!

God! Where have you been?!
You have no remorse, no mercy,
For the cold and broken, helpless people, hopeless and fucking innocent beings!

So where do i stand in this fake place we call home?
Where do we usless human beings go to when our time ends?!

The weak fall to their knees and pray, but the fucked up question is to who?
The broken just give up, and seem to take their own lives,
Im getting sick and tired of this life,
But now it's my time to reveal the sick and harsh truth fuck what you preach!

When you die, you'll be alone,
Where the fuck is your god now?!
Another life gone to waste,
You figured out the truth a bit too late

I never wanted this!
Why be brought to this life,
When all we do is suffer, and end up dying in our fucking misery!!


released March 2, 2013
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Garcia
Shout out to our friends and family for all the support
shout out to TxC



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Inceptions Pomona, California

We are a six peice band from Pomona, CA. Follow us on Twitter: @inceptionskrew or follow us on Instagram: @inceptionsband Like us on Facebook.
Brain Osmin Gonzalez (Vocals)
Rolando Eli Pena (Vocals)
Marshall Jacobs (Guitar)
Cory Arredondo (Guitar)
Christain Rodriguez (Bass)
Rey Boice (Drums)
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